About Me

Jodie Moone is a writer and book blogger from Derbyshire in the United Kingdom. 

While in fiction she tends to write about falling in love, whether that be with someone else or themselves, outside of that she writes about mental health, emotional wellbeing and being authentically happy.  In 2o17 she was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and has made it her mission since to talk as openly as she can to normalise the conversation. 

On her blog, PagesOfTheMoone.com, she talks about her love of books, wellbeing and her journey with writing. If you can't find her there, she may be buried in a book or taking long walks with her corgi, Cheddar, or bothering her husband who keeps her grounded. 

In 2020, she began co-hosting book-podcast The Island Library with fellow writer and book lover, Laura. The two of them discuss a new book each week, rating it and reviewing whether they'd let it take up a spot if they were to be stranded on a desert island. 

Jodie's love for writing fiction wasn't always known, but ever since she has been writing to better her craftMore recently, she has been putting ideas down onto pages, and currently writing her YA romance novel about a bisexual female falling for the girl who serves her coffee.  

“Reading one book is like eating one potato chip.” – Diane Duane


“I am notorious for making impassioned speeches about things nobody cares about.”

― Mindy Kaling, Why Not Me?

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